Friday, January 20, 2012

Character Change

This fateful day is coming closer and closer: My 18th birthday. Most people become excited and enthusiastic about the idea of suddenly being an adult being able to have independence and such. All I can think of is now having to feel more guilty about my parents paying for things. Anyway, sorry about that lame story before. That was definitely a vent. I don't particularly like seeming like a classic boy-obsessed, melodramatic teenage girl. Its so typical (but sometimes it can be an enticing character).

Anyway I wanted to blog today about the interesting role I have taken in the school drama this year. I will be playing the original Gibson Girl, the Marilyn Monroe before Marilyn Monroe even existed, and the biggest excitement of the turn to the 20th century: Ms. Evelyn Nesbit.

Nesbit was a completely new kind of character in the early 20th century. She came out within a scandal and soaked in all of the publicity she could get. A classic romantic crime, her husband killed her lover out of a huge rage and jealously. Afterward, though she had already been living a showgirls life since 15, Evelyn became a huge attraction and almost a Kardashian-esque popularity during a time when our country faced more extreme versions of turmoil and troubles.

Like most people who have had similar boosts to fame, Nesbit eventually fell from the public eye... as a national celebrity. After her fame years, Evelyn took more of a role behind the scenes. Though she had several failed attempts at suicide and overcame drinking and drug problems, Evelyn lived to complete several autobiographies and even take part in directing her own movie, The Girl on the Velvet Swing.

In some ways I look up to Evelyn Nesbit. She was a real personality during this time. She simply spent a majority of her time acting out this character of a lost, publicity loving, bombshell and sold her act to millions, as well as set up a completely new kind of bombshell.

I can only hope that I do her justice on stage.


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