Thursday, February 16, 2012

There is such a thing as good TV

Well... OK. I'll admit. I love television. I personally believe that its silly when people say they don't because television is extremely prevalent in our society anyway. However, I do think there are some shows that just don't get enough credit. I'm into wacky, awkward protagonists that are sometimes unlikeable so this is definitely going to be a theme in my lists of--in my opinion -- the best shows on TV.

The United States of Tara
An understated comedy, written by Juno screenwriter Diablo Cody, about a woman living traditional suburban life is Kansas. Oh and she also battles an extreme case of multiple personality disorder.

Arrested Development
Sure it went off the air years ago, but its still easily one of the funniest shows on television... ever. The screenwriting, acting, characters, story development about this insanely dysfunctional family has got to be one of the most brilliant additions to television. And I've heard we have a 4th season and movie coming out soon? Fingers are crossed.

This goofy, IFC satire-comedy featuring a post-punk era punk rocker, Carrie Brownstein, and SNL comic, Fred Armisen is the poster-child for a hilarious show that isn't getting enough attention. As my friend Luke says, "It basically makes fun of every kind of hipster". Yup, he's right. I know its on a less popular network, but its totally worth getting a Netflix and watching on instant-stream.

I'm pretty sure Luke would be disappointed to know that I didn't put this on the list, so here it is: the highly-overlooked TV show about a hodge-podge group of friends going to a community college in Colorado. What I love about this show is actually the variety of characters and the fact that Chevy Chase plays the wacko old man. It also gives Joel McHale a chance to show just how brilliant he is as an actor... but like we needed another reason to like him.

30 Rock
I know its won tons of Emmys and constantly talked about in media, I still find that none of my friends never seem to be keeping up with my personal favorite, 30 Rock. The wittiness is so quick and the characters so perfectly flawed. And I feel like anyone can in some way relate to Liz Lemon. Need I explain more? no. So just watch this show... because it kicks so much ass!

So kids, I guess my message in all of this is.. go watch more TV!