Friday, April 27, 2012

5 Reasons I wish people still dressed like they did in the 60's

1. Kitten heels were hot, classy, and not cheating
Not only are they a trillion times more comfortable than the silly 18 inch  Christian's Lou-blah-blah-blahs or Jimmy Choo's that women feel obligated to wear, but they still give your ASSets that extra boost without being ridiculously impractical.

2. It was more about showing off the legs than the bust
Basically, they got to wear these great, short jumpers with a high-necklined blouse under it but still got to show off their legs. And this was considered sexy. I once tried to pull this off and was repeatedly told that this wasn't the set of The Brady Bunch, Marsha.

3. It was cool to be classy
What is so bad about just dressing nice? Seriously, think about how much less shaving and tanning we would have to be doing if we just dressed like a lady. I'm not saying put on the Ms. Roper smock and call it a day. I'm just saying ass cleavage, and nip-slips are not cute for God's sake!

4. We got to wear our hair like this

5. OK, who wouldn't want to emulate the style of the cast of Mad Men?
Seriously, everyone on that show is HOT. Men in dapper suits and nice hair,women dressing classy but not in a weird, conservative way. Everyone so sophisticated! And I personally would like to bring back women wearing scarves around their head and gloves whenever they went driving in a car. But while the morals on their show could be questionable, we can all learn something from the way these psychotic, adulterous, capitalistic,druggies got dressed.

ANNNNNDDDDDDDD one reason I wish we still dressed like we did in the 90's:
High waisted jeans were actually cool. I know that every fashion magazine guru whatever says their coming back, but society says otherwise. But seriously people, aren't you sick of seeing muffin tops, the top of that one girl's Spongebob thong, or God knows what else? Just think about it....


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Preezy of the United Steezy

I agree with his policy, I think he's done well as president (from the my young, not-so-political-savvy point of view), and I plan on voting for him in the November 2012.
And from the perspective of someone who will begin college in the fall, I can't explain enough how much this video makes me happy.
Also our president is slow jammin' with Jimmy Fallon.

Obama '12!


Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Swoosh! Ohmigosh life is crazy. But in a great way of course! I'm just realizing the end of my grade school years is practically here and soon I won't even give a damn about anything that happened in high school. OK, except for that the one time I skipped half of freshman art class to watch my TWO grades older friend's decades project without asking my instructor... those were my bad bitch days. But they are behind me now. I must say that I look forward to my future and what it may hold. College is going to be a totally different story. A new place to live, a new team, teacher's who won't admire my obnoxious, yet original, charisma, and I heard the people at my college don't fool around when it comes to partying; they just discovered a meth lab there! So I guess it won't be too different from home... in terms of having a meth lab just within walking distance anyway. But no matter what situations I'm in, I'll just have to stay calm, relax, collect myself, call my mom in hysterical tears, and then keep right on truckin'. And if I'm totally at a loss for what the hells going on in my life, I'll always remember.... WWTFD.


Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Good, The Bad, and the Worst

Things I can't get enough of right now:

Seth Meyers all the time

On SNL and Weekend Update, not only is his segment the highlight of the show, but Meyers as head-writer just makes Saturday Night better... but I still miss Tina.

Kirsten Schaal on 30 Rock

 While I was iffy about her in the beginning, I've become quite a fan of Hazel on my favorite show on television. She adds more weirdness to plot lines and fits the offbeat comedy ideals so well. Her stand-up is honestly what made me have a change of heart. Seriously, watch the whole thing. 

Music that makes summer seem so close that your skin starts peeling from sunburn at the sound of it!

Other artists I would suggest: Jack Johnson, Ingrid Michaelson, Corinne Bailey Rae, She&Him, anything else with a Ukelele and Dr. Funke's 100% Natural Family Band Solution!

Flowery Clothing

Ms. Roper has never seemed hotter...

All the Television shows on Netflix

From the staples such as 30 Rock and Arrested Development, to new (to me) shows such as Spaced and The IT Crowd, to even endless ways to watch people bake a cake, Neflix's television selection is ON POINT.

This Girl

Things I would prefer to do without:

-90% of all standup comedy
-The ironic mustache is the WORST. Stop, Michael Cera... just stop.
-The resurgence of boy bands 
-Self portraits with toilets in the background
-The movie selection on Netflix. No, I don't want to watch Beauty and the Briefcase, Shark Attack 2, or anything in the "gory canadian movies" genre.
-Abbreviations like "ROLFCOPTER"

OH and by the way... Happy Easter y'all!


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Prom Madness

    OK so I know this is the biggest high school cliche of all time ( and its totally a cliche to say that, I realize), but I always get excited because I love getting puuurrrrrdy for prom. The dress is a huge deal and while I enjoy all the online shopping and dress ideas,  I was glad to skip several steps in the getting a dress process and finally find one at a local dress boutique, Chantilly Lace. So here I will display all my terribly exciting details for my highly over- anticipated senior prom-a-lom.

The Dress
The style I was going for this year was retro, glam, 70's Diana Ross, with maybe a little slutty Vegas girl action in there. But instead I ended up with this elegant ombre (fancy word) style from Faviana.

The Hair
I feel like most girls tend to think of prom as a way to see how ridiculous they can make their hair look, and then it ends up taking away from their dress (which may look just as ridiculous). You don't want to end up with this. Heavens no! Because it would take away from your dress like this. OK but seriously, I've always been more of a "down do" prom hair person. So this one that, that bitch who's dating George Clooney, wore to the Oscars seems like a simple elegant way to look pretty and also not steal away from my solar panel of a dress.

Honestly, half the time I don't even care about my shoes because #1: Hardly anyone sees them #2: I'm definitely not going to be dancing in them for more than the time it takes me to walk into the "ballroom" and #3 again, you never want to take away from the dress. So here we are: practical, black shoes that I can break the heel off of when I stumble around campus at 2 in the morning on a Saturday, trying to remember where my dorm is. Perfect. 

OK does anyone really give a damn?

This guy.... is not my prom date.

Honestly, I just can't wait to make fun of my weird dress and outdated hairstyle (made famous by some plastic-surgery-addicted former WWE star that dated that dead guy) and wonder what my (much more successful in life than me) senior prom date has been up to, in 20 years. Thats when all the real fun occurs...

But hopefully I won't remember dancing like this...