Friday, April 27, 2012

5 Reasons I wish people still dressed like they did in the 60's

1. Kitten heels were hot, classy, and not cheating
Not only are they a trillion times more comfortable than the silly 18 inch  Christian's Lou-blah-blah-blahs or Jimmy Choo's that women feel obligated to wear, but they still give your ASSets that extra boost without being ridiculously impractical.

2. It was more about showing off the legs than the bust
Basically, they got to wear these great, short jumpers with a high-necklined blouse under it but still got to show off their legs. And this was considered sexy. I once tried to pull this off and was repeatedly told that this wasn't the set of The Brady Bunch, Marsha.

3. It was cool to be classy
What is so bad about just dressing nice? Seriously, think about how much less shaving and tanning we would have to be doing if we just dressed like a lady. I'm not saying put on the Ms. Roper smock and call it a day. I'm just saying ass cleavage, and nip-slips are not cute for God's sake!

4. We got to wear our hair like this

5. OK, who wouldn't want to emulate the style of the cast of Mad Men?
Seriously, everyone on that show is HOT. Men in dapper suits and nice hair,women dressing classy but not in a weird, conservative way. Everyone so sophisticated! And I personally would like to bring back women wearing scarves around their head and gloves whenever they went driving in a car. But while the morals on their show could be questionable, we can all learn something from the way these psychotic, adulterous, capitalistic,druggies got dressed.

ANNNNNDDDDDDDD one reason I wish we still dressed like we did in the 90's:
High waisted jeans were actually cool. I know that every fashion magazine guru whatever says their coming back, but society says otherwise. But seriously people, aren't you sick of seeing muffin tops, the top of that one girl's Spongebob thong, or God knows what else? Just think about it....


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