Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Swoosh! Ohmigosh life is crazy. But in a great way of course! I'm just realizing the end of my grade school years is practically here and soon I won't even give a damn about anything that happened in high school. OK, except for that the one time I skipped half of freshman art class to watch my TWO grades older friend's decades project without asking my instructor... those were my bad bitch days. But they are behind me now. I must say that I look forward to my future and what it may hold. College is going to be a totally different story. A new place to live, a new team, teacher's who won't admire my obnoxious, yet original, charisma, and I heard the people at my college don't fool around when it comes to partying; they just discovered a meth lab there! So I guess it won't be too different from home... in terms of having a meth lab just within walking distance anyway. But no matter what situations I'm in, I'll just have to stay calm, relax, collect myself, call my mom in hysterical tears, and then keep right on truckin'. And if I'm totally at a loss for what the hells going on in my life, I'll always remember.... WWTFD.


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