Thursday, April 5, 2012

Prom Madness

    OK so I know this is the biggest high school cliche of all time ( and its totally a cliche to say that, I realize), but I always get excited because I love getting puuurrrrrdy for prom. The dress is a huge deal and while I enjoy all the online shopping and dress ideas,  I was glad to skip several steps in the getting a dress process and finally find one at a local dress boutique, Chantilly Lace. So here I will display all my terribly exciting details for my highly over- anticipated senior prom-a-lom.

The Dress
The style I was going for this year was retro, glam, 70's Diana Ross, with maybe a little slutty Vegas girl action in there. But instead I ended up with this elegant ombre (fancy word) style from Faviana.

The Hair
I feel like most girls tend to think of prom as a way to see how ridiculous they can make their hair look, and then it ends up taking away from their dress (which may look just as ridiculous). You don't want to end up with this. Heavens no! Because it would take away from your dress like this. OK but seriously, I've always been more of a "down do" prom hair person. So this one that, that bitch who's dating George Clooney, wore to the Oscars seems like a simple elegant way to look pretty and also not steal away from my solar panel of a dress.

Honestly, half the time I don't even care about my shoes because #1: Hardly anyone sees them #2: I'm definitely not going to be dancing in them for more than the time it takes me to walk into the "ballroom" and #3 again, you never want to take away from the dress. So here we are: practical, black shoes that I can break the heel off of when I stumble around campus at 2 in the morning on a Saturday, trying to remember where my dorm is. Perfect. 

OK does anyone really give a damn?

This guy.... is not my prom date.

Honestly, I just can't wait to make fun of my weird dress and outdated hairstyle (made famous by some plastic-surgery-addicted former WWE star that dated that dead guy) and wonder what my (much more successful in life than me) senior prom date has been up to, in 20 years. Thats when all the real fun occurs...

But hopefully I won't remember dancing like this...


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