Friday, May 11, 2012

Greece Peace

First of all I just want to state how ironic the title for this post is considering the economic turmoil occurring in said country right now. The title is referring to the "inner peace" that I will hopefully experience while on vacation in the Mediterranean country, and not intended to sound like a ignorant statement about a certain vacation spot. Please accept this disclaimer and keep reading.
Photo by Eliza Eaton
So as many of my close friends know, my family and a couple other families are taking a trip to Greece in early summer. There will be tours, sight-seeing, eating, and shopping, I'm sure. For this trip, I am beyond excited and have been looking forward to it for some time now. However I am aware that there are some pre-trip remedies that I should consider so as not to look like an hairy, albino, American tourist. Instead, the goal is to look like an All-American, beach babe with tan skin and wavy blonde hair, who hails from Southern California like all Americans do in the U.S. of A!!!!

1. Tanning
So I'm between these two tanning salons that I want to try before...... JUST KIDDING!! I would never step foot in a tanning bed/ cancer coffin! But it would be nice to be on the more olive skin tone side than my current skin hue, loose-leaf white. In order to achieve this, I plan on drowning my body in tanning oil, laying out for 2 minutes, getting bored, deciding to listen to my iPod, eventually getting restless, and after 7 whole minutes of sun exposure, going back inside and eating a bowl of frozen yogurt while watching some show about wives or cake.

2. Hair Removal
To be more than blunt, I'm very hairy. Shaving can only do so much for my bikini lines, legs, arms (yes, arms), etc. And while I'm on vacation, the last thing I want to worry about is shaving of any kind. I've payed to get waxed before but its just so expensive and who needs that kind of pain inflicted on them for so much money. So instead, I opt for a cheaper way of torture: Self waxing. It hurts like hell, you have to psych yourself out, and sometimes (since I'm not professional and all) there are minor injuries. But its cheap, non-embarrassing (unless the injuries occur on your face) and you can do it in the privacy of your own home. Warning: Excessive cursing will occur.

3. Shopping
So I'll admit, I'm a girlie girl. I'll shop some days. I normally like to have a certain thing I'm shopping for though, and I like to be able to find it almost right away or else I'll just give up (short attention span/ ADD problems). So when it comes to finding things for Greece I've looked at every Instyle or Lucky magazine I can find and then go to Target to find the cheap polyester alternative. I'm thinking simple, light, loose fitting pieces that have lots of color in them. That way A) I'm comfortable, B) I'm wearing non-complicated things that would be able to remove and put back on quickly (you know in case we go to a church or something) and C) bright colors will make me visible in case I wander off and get lost.

If I can achieve all this and more, I will be all but unprepared to really make my mark in Greece... right?


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