Friday, August 31, 2012

My First Day of College

My view from my room and also my second home: The Trible Library
Photo by Eliza Eaton
     It really was a surreal day. There’s always those “first days” when you walk around, taking in every experience and grasping every word you say or move you make like it’s sure to go down in a book. But my first day of college was different. It actually took so much to get to that point. With the applications, scholarships, “rigorous” high school academics (please), and constant reminders of the fact that you’ll still be paying for college as you’re laid to rest, getting to the point of walking to my first 8 AM seemed like a fantasy. I know and understand the irony of the former statement , but lets be real: with 6 or 5 o'clock (yes, that’s 5:00 AM) cross country practices nearly three days out of the week, an 8:00 AM class where you get to SIT and listen to a professor is like watching an episode of Frasier; satisfying, tolerable and with a few good laughs, but you’re glad its less than an hour long and you can go to sleep afterwards.

    So anyways, unlike most college students, I had to attend my morning practice before heading to class. Practice wasn’t long though, so I had time to shower, and grab breakfast (which I have now learned can be done in nearly eight minutes without having to sacrifice the quality of your food) then it was off to my first class of my college career: Critical Thinking at 8:00am…the time when I’m definitely feeling the most philosophical and logical.  To be honest, I recall nearly nothing from my first class mainly because it was the typical go-over-the-syllabus first day. Plus the class flew by since it’s half as long as the 90-minute high school classes I’m used to. I was, however, quite pleased that my professor made no attempt to scare us out of our minds or use some sort of psychological trick to make us cry on the first day of class.  That of course was all taken care of by my psych professor. More on that later.

   I was out of class by 8:50 and had free time until 12:00. As I walked around campus, I was honestly surprised at the amount of girls that weren’t in grungy, sweatpants and t-shirts. As my mom had mentioned to me time and time again,  “college girls look like shit on campus”. In other words, she works at Tech where engineering students sleep in academic buildings and stay up till insane hours of the night finishing projects or doing math without numbers. If I had that lifestyle, I probably wouldn’t make the biggest efforts to put on mascara or add accessories to my outfits either. So as I’ve spent the first week wearing my typical skirts and scarves and comfy dresses and jeans, I can’t make any promises about the next months when the honeymoon period is over and college papers begin to add up in my planner (if I’m still keeping one by then).

    Since it was the first day and I hadn’t been assigned any reading, I had plenty of time for whatever for about three hours. So I did what any other bored college student would do: called my grandma. But seeing as there are only so many things you can talk to granny about when it comes to college experiences ….who am I kidding, she throws back scotch like a champ and cusses like a sailor. There isn’t a thing to hide from my grandma. Regardless, she and I only talked for about 30 minutes.

    After an early lunch I made my way to Media history. The teacher was 20 minutes late, I was a typical freshman and was too scared to leave, and then ended up wishing I would have.  I had 10 minutes in between Media History and my psych class so when she let us out late, I sprinted over to Forbes (the science and math building…ew) to find all 117 of the rest of my classmates getting situated in their spots for class. Our professor came in late, and proceeded with the following cliché:


Good morning


Good morning


    Ok so maybe it wasn’t so cliché. Even so, he then asked the class why they decided to take Sociology 202, we informed him that this was Psych 201 (another kid promptly walked out of the class room), and then our teacher also left the classroom in an exaggerated fashion. He was really committed to this first-day-of-class stunt.  Two minutes later he came back into the lecture hall followed by the other kid who had left before him. We then proceeded with the painful remaining 30 minutes of class.

    There, of course, were other interesting, yet still typical, first-day-of-college events that took place. There were things I noticed to my surprise. Such as the fact that I had never seen so many stereotypes walking around in my life: skaters, preppy blonde girls, artsy kids, jocks…. It was like an American Pie movie.

   All in all it was just the first day. I have since been introduced to many a new experience and opportunity, all of which will soon be documented in an observant yet witty fashion. This new way of life will soon become the only life I know, but as its progressed over the last week, I can’t be anything but excited.