Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Be fabulous, oh college student!

Roommate style
Photo by Eliza Eaton

    Hello, my name is Eliza E. and I still have yet to go to class dressed in the I-don’t-give-a-shit-uniform.  (Ok so a couple times I’ve had to wear my practice clothes to my 8:00am after a workout but you have to understand that in the limited amount of time I had, my boyfriend, food, was much more important than showering.). Anyway. I’m writing today to commend the people on campus who show off their original style every day and don’t settle for ratty high school track sweat pants and old tee shirts from adventure club. I am also hoping to not offend, but inspire those who prefer to role out of bed and go to class like that. Most of the people I discuss this with tend to all look and me with the why-do-you-even-care look on their face and for a moment I consider that question. Then I remember that it’s good to care! Its good to care, I tell you! Some people want to improve morale around here, and others want to pick up trash to keep the campus green. I just want everyone to dress pretty.

     So anyway, I remember being told before I moved to college that it wouldn’t be long before I started wearing sweat pants all the time and going days without showering. Well lemme just say first of all that A) I never go days without showering because (#RunnerProblems) that would be extremely unpleasant for all involved. And B) I don’t even own sweat pants. But all the talk about not wearing my pretty clothes all the time was starting to get to me. Was I really going to join the stereotype of the ever apathetic college student who hides under layers of cotton and elastic bands, only to emerge in something half tolerable to go out on a Saturday night? No. No. No. NOOOOOOOOOO! I would never want that to happen! Dressing is so important for showing off who I am, as I hope it is for most people.   This made me dispirited when it came to packing, for I thought that the wardrobe that I stuffed into bags would sit in my closet collecting dust during my time at CNU.  These were dark days.

    And now for the turning point of the story!  My first world problems are problems no more! In my first few weeks of being on campus I have not only seen people who flaunt their personal style to their greatest ability, but I have also been subjected to styles that are somewhat new to me (they got a nautical theme). While I still see the pajama clad students ambling around throughout campus, there is enough originality here for me to be content. I’m so thrilled that I have been able to walk around campus wearing my bright orange H&M dress and not stick out (too much) like a sore thumb.

      I guess one of my missions here at CNU is to always influence as well as be inspired.  I’ve made a ton of friends already who seem to like my quirky style and have also even met some who give some excellent advice (Chloe helps me dress more like an adult. #ThatsMyRoommate). For those who will attend college in the future, whatever you style may be, don’t settle for the typical lazy-day look. Flaunt your originality, and give yourself something to be a little excited about everyday whether its your cute flats, a button down shirt with little ships on it, or that Goodwill sweatshirt that makes your roommate roll her eyes. Just have fun with it y’all! Dress Happy!


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