Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake

Warning: This blog is NOT about cake. Sorry. 
Tradition: Child must take picture with a piece of paper showing their age. You're welcome, mother.      
   Birthdays are so interesting. Sometimes I long for the days when my dad put a Belle (from Beauty and the Beast) Barbie on my cake, played happy birthday to me on the guitar, all while I celebrated by wearing a tutu. To be fair, I did dress like a mutha f**kin’ princess today, but that’s beside the point. Last year for my 18th birthday I went to a Waffle House at 2 in the morning when I wasn’t even inebriated. Then I went to see The Muppets with my mom. So that was pretty excellent.
     It’s always fun to be nostalgic on birthdays. I like to think about all my past birthdays: fun ones (bowling in second grade, after winning a basketball game), awkwardly fun ones (sixth grade sleepover with almost 15 girls/ my dad coming to school to sing to me in the lunch room while accompanied by his guitar), and totally classy and chic ones (going to a cute Italian restaurant with my best girlfriends, flirting with a cute waiter, and then going to see Black Swan). But the best is traditions. Sadly, some traditions go away when you go to college (heart shaped pancakes by Mom/ family dinner), but thanks to social media I can keep some of them alive! Thanks for the birthday wishes, friends and neighbors!


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