Thursday, January 10, 2013

Head Colds, a New Semester, and why I Sympathize with Liam Hemsworth

<3 <3 <3 <3 Winter Break 2012-13 <3 <3 <3 <3   

     I just walked into the bathroom at Panera, looked in the mirror, and literally stepped back a little and said “Ughh gross.”

      Before you sit there and say in your head, “Oh no, don’t say that, you’re beautiful…. On the inside”- stop. The reason I look like a train wreck and a half is because I’m battling (hyperbole) yet another head cold. My 4th one this year! I deserve a medal! …Or at least some medicine.
     Anyway, this joyous ailment comes at the absolute most convenient time: the beginning of my second semester of college. I’m already the annoying kid sitting behind you, sniffling during the entire class. That’s like the utter WORST when it comes to making a first impression in classes.
      It’s like this: if you’re a macho bitch, whatever at least you’re somewhat entertaining; if you’re the kid that never talks, God bless you; and if you’re the kid that always talks, then ehh I may or may not want to hit you sometimes. But the person who sits there and just sucks snot back up into their nose the ENTIRE class? That is the least-liked person in class. And that ladies and gentlemen, has been me for my first two days of classes.
    Before winter holiday break, I made a huge decision in my life that I honestly could not feel better about. In short, I decided to end my competitive running career. It took a lot of thought and discussion with people whose opinions I care about, but in the end I turned in my bag, knowing that I was lucky to have had this opportunity, but also knowing that there was a lot more I need to focus on in my life. End of (this section of the) story.

    The point is, with this change, I had a lot to think about over break. But mostly I just watched Downton Abbey, Portlandia season 2 (twice), and a bunch of other shitty movies on Netflix. I really did think about life decisions though. I just don’t feel like sharing them to the world. I must keep some air of mystery, u kno ;)))

    Actually one thing I did think about was disconnecting (just a little bit) from social media. By that I just wanted to rid myself of the worst social media site, Facebook. Not necessarily because I don’t like sharing my own stuff and seeing some of the interesting things people post on there… like this!... but because sometimes Facebook is just  plain trash. First of all, this is not to say that other social networking isn’t trash (nice try Twitter and Pinterest… Myspace too, but cool people don’t use that anymore). Secondly, this is also not to say that I haven’t contributed to the “trash”. 

     However, I also use Facebook for useful things such as hearing about events and keeping up with my international friends. Now I just sound like a big ol’ snob.

    But, as in human nature, I like things that suck and that aren’t good for my brain or my developing real social skills. And as with people who date AWFUL people and can’t just bring themselves to break up with them, I can’t break up with Facebook, just yet. That being said, I sympathize with Liam Hemsworth.

   In spite of the negatively dripping from this blog, I really am looking forward to this semester. In more ways than one, this is truly a fresh start, and with some dedication to hard work, I really might be able to see some success in finding my bliss.

XOXO Gossip Girl…. is a guy.


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