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My So-Called Television-Inspired Life

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    So I know I talk about television a lot, but I can’t deny that I love television. I’m not afraid to admit that. There are people out there that say ridiculous things like “Oh we don’t watch television”, as if television is for the lesser, type Z human being.  For me, television has been so inspiring and symbolic throughout my life. It seems that I’ve always gone through phases of being inspired by a certain character and feeling like they were the epitome of the person that I was/ wanted to be. That being said, these characters have never been a Real Housewife, a Kardashian, or anyone from a show on ABC Family.   They’ve been girls that embody almost exactly what I’m going through in my life, or exemplify the woman I want to become. Or they just lived a fantasy that I can’t help but become green with envy about. Mostly because I watched these fictional and elaborate lifestyles as I was lying in bed, wearing plaid pajama pants, an old Nancy Sinatra sweatshirt, and eating a bowl of pretzels. So in that case they were simply an interesting juxtaposition to what my life is.

    Regardless, each has very different ways for being inspiring to me. Therefore, this is why I assume an eclectic state of mind.  

Lizzie McGuire – Holy moly, do you guys remember that show?? It seems like it was on a decade ago.  OH WAIT it was! But that all made more since when I just Googled (which, in fact, is NOT a verb according to Microsoft word) The Lizzie McGuire Show and saw A) what they were wearing and B) how much of a tween Hilary Duff looks like.  It is so strange how things change. But I remember how much I looked up to Lizzie McGuire. Most definitely not because of her perfections, but because she was always getting into some sort of trouble because of her clumsiness, awkward way around boys, and overall lack of “coolness”. Granted I did always wonder why, with her adorable looks, she never attracted guys, BUT a bitchy amazon like Kate did. However, I digress. As an awkward 11 or 12-year-old, I looked up to Lizzie, as she was a symbol for that class of girls who just wanted to wear colorful, fake hair pieces, uniquely, clash-y jewelry, and also wanted a boyfriend so bad they couldn’t stand it. It was the beginning of me realizing it was often hard to try to have it all.

Blair & Serena – If you don’t know who these people are, and you are a/ have been a teenage girl in the past five years, then I commend you. Honestly I never really admired any of the characters of Gossip Girl, not even lonely boy/ the Gossip Girl (although, sometimes Blair could be the perfect heroine to bring out my inner bitch). I more just admired the fantasy of a lifestyle they lived. Wearing the incredible clothing that they had, sitting on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art every morning, going to Europe on their own whenever they were just “fed up” with everything around them, and of course living in the beautiful Upper East Side of New York City. As I said before, sometimes I would just sit by my lonesome in the middle of the night watching and longing  for this unrealistic montage of scandal, luxe living, and the most marvelous dresses I’ve ever seen. 

Phoebe Buffay – Although I’ve never been a die-hard Friends fan, I do remember watching episodes with my parents as a young girl and always feeling an instant connection to the character of Phoebe. She was always thought of as the odd, funny one of the group (with an emphasis on the “odd” description). Somehow, even as a first and second grader, I felt like the odd one of every group, and in a way, Phoebe taught me to own it. Despite how “black-sheep” I felt in many situations I experienced as a youngin’, I still wanted to act weird, play an elaborate game of “Dungeon Space Queen” instead of kick ball, sing loud and obnoxiously at all the wrong times, and even dressed like Phoebe Buffay at my “dress like your favorite television character”-themed 10th birthday party, when I could have dressed like a more age appropriate character such as… Lizzie McGuire.

And last but certainly not least…

Leslie Knope & Liz Lemon – While both are on completely different television shows, and both are now the cliché “nerdy girl” heroes, I still can’t help but put them together as my two most admired TV characters. Honestly it all started with Women’s News/Weekend Update on SNL, but separately on their respective television shows, they embody the grounded, funny, hardworking, and above all imperfect person that I admire. Liz with her no-holds-bar craziness in the men’s club of television writing, her being able to be best friends with her male polar opposite, and never giving up on having it all, has inspired my writing, sense of humor, and my ability to not take myself too seriously. Leslie Knope while in a way being similar to Liz, is in her own way a caricature for what it means to work hard and always maintain the attitude of “it can be done”, without getting so caught up in herself to not give a shit about anyone else’s needs. Also, it makes me very happy that they’ve both ended up with television husbands who love, respect, and treat them with the upmost support for their ventures.

    When I read back this blog, I feel like what I’m really trying to say is… 

    I want to personify the ideal quirky, sarcastic, witty, feminist, and above all hard-working woman who can take a joke, hang out with the men without being too bro-ish, or on the other end of a that, a slut, while simultaneously finding the man of her dreams in a equality-loving, smart guy, who doesn’t have weird teeth AND ALL AT THE SAME TIME be the girl that carries a Prada bag because they’re just so damn pretty.

   And that is all.


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