Sunday, February 10, 2013

Day of Love Lovin'

Wuv, twu wuv.
Photo by Marc Eaton

I want to freely and openly admit that I love Valentine’s Day.

Yes, I have not had a Valentine on Valentine’s Day since my freshman year of high school. In such a case most people would imagine a girl to be completely opposed to the holiday.


Valentine’s Day is splendid because it is a day of love. LOVE I SAY! It is a day where there is an undying air of ethereal delight, if you allow there to be. Sometimes, on this holiday, I see these girls that just act so opposed to the idea JUST because they don’t have a special person in their life. So therefore, they allow the day to be fogged up with depression and, quite frankly, feeling sorry for themselves. Just because they don’t have a man in their lives. It’s pathetic.  I mean do you really have to have a boyfriend or girlfriend in order to be happy or love someone?  

With those that become opposed to the day of valentines, there are also the ones that are so offended by the holiday that they create this anti-Valentine’s day. Basically where they sit around and do all things that seem quite depressing to me such as eating their weight in chocolates, watching violent movies to forget about the holiday, and giving the cold shoulder to those enjoying this day of love. Why would you want to create a day that sucks just because you’re single? You’re single every other day too! I mean yes the day may bring back memories of a past lover or whatever. Just don’t think about it that way.

Valentine’s day, in my opinion, is the day where I get to celebrate (even more) the love for the people that I have in my life: my best girlfriends, my favorite male friends, my Mom, my Dad, my grandparents and everyone that means the world to me! It’s just an extra special occasion where I get to wear a lot more red than usual and carry around little Valentine’s to deliver to my favorite people. I mean really guys; it’s the cheesiest holiday out there. Is it really worth getting so worked up about that you decide to be upset on that day?

Ladies, take a lesson from Leslie Knope: Make it a Galentine’s Day! My coolness-extraordinaire cousin, Stephanie, has been working on creative Galentines for all her gal pals, and if you’re cool, you’ll follow her crafty example.  I will be doing my own version of Valentines for my favorite darling’s: boys, girls, and parents alike.

My final note is a suggestion for all the males out there:

If you are fortunate to have a sweetheart for Valentine’s Day, make it wonderful! By that I mean be creative and make your valentine’s treat for your love as unique as they are. I know that sounds like a load of cheesy bullshit, but bear with me.  You don’t have to spend loads of money in order for it to be meaningful and extraordinary. Think about something that makes your relationship distinctive and “your own”. You don’t have to just pick up the box of mediocre (and overpriced) chocolates, half-dead roses, and a tacky stuffed animal. I’m sorry but that’s just… lame. Also, you don’t have to spend way too much money on a piece of jewelry that your honey might not ever wear (lets be honest). That is unless, of course, it’s an engagement ring. Do a good job with that one. The point is, if it’s as remarkable a relationship as it should be, your valentine will appreciate something that you’ve worked hard to put together, and not just analyze how much money you spend. And if they do, then that’s a deal breaker ladi…. Urm. Guys! Well, ladies too.

With that I just want to say, everyone have an absolutely fabulous Valentine’s Day and whatever your relationship status may be, make it a glorious occasion!

 EE <3

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