Friday, June 7, 2013

Another Blog Post About Running

Hello, humans.
Here is a picture of me racing when I was a freshman in high school. 
   About twoish weeks ago, one of my best friends in the entire universe convinced me (way to easily I might add) to run a half marathon with her in September. Now I don’t know if you know this, but this past year I decided I’d become a maverick with my running and, like Sarah Palin, just kinda “do my own thing”. I didn’t want to be on someone else’s plan or agenda; I just wanted to run for me. So how I have managed to not only be convinced to sign up for a half marathon, but also now be on an actual training plan, workouts and all, is beyond me. Although I think it has something to do with the fact that my friend used an excited and happy tone when she asked. Like one that implies that there will probably be lunch or at least cupcakes after all this is over. Kinda like how someone could say, “lets go get all three of your Gardasil shots at once!!” and I would totally be down if it meant a latte and a fresh red velvet cookie afterwards.

   So anyway, I’ve started a training plan again. Two days ago, on National Running Day I might add, I went to my high school’s home XC course to get in a hill workout. It only seemed like yesterday that I had been doing a hill workout, late in the season of my senior year of XC, and thinking to myself, “this is my last hill workout ever on this bloody course”. Well played, fate. Well played.

   Instead of driving to the course, which is merely ¾ of a mile from my house, I decided to use that short distance as the warm-up part of my inherent doom, I mean workout. As I ran through my town, I was reminded that nothing defined summer running through downtown like the overwhelming smell combination of Pizza Inn and cigarettes, or the constant fear of nearly getting sideswiped by gigantic trucks with way-to-big wheels on them.

   When I arrived at the course, I was hit with large fireball of nostalgia. Not like a physical, tangible fireball because we don’t have those in Christiansburg. Just an intense, emotional fireball. Suddenly I kept having flashbacks of past workouts. I didn’t like them. Then I thought about texting my old coach, who is terrified of snakes, and telling him that I found a colony of snakes next to one of the bushes on the course. But then I remembered I didn’t have my phone. I guess the karma for having that thought was then becoming very skittish and thinking that any movement or line that I saw in the grass was a snake. Every time I made that assumption, I would foolishly jump around like a dummy and scream and pee a little bit.

   The beginning of the workout was great. I had tons of energy and felt unstoppable. By the last two hill repeats, however, I felt like death was upon me, and was hoping one of those snakes would take me out so I didn’t have to run all the way home again. Also, you know how the ocean has schools of fish? Well I kept accidentally catching and swallowing schools of gnats in my mouth.

   Overall the workout went well and gave me confidence that summer training wasn’t such a bad thing… other than the fact that I have a 90-minute run on Sunday. That’s just a load of bullshit that I’m not quite ready to conquer.

   Now I just have one thing to promise my faithful readers before I come to the conclusion of this blog post, I just want to say this: I promise that I will not contaminate my blog with more posts detailing my training. In other words, this is not the beginning of a running log because they’re not fun to write and they’re REALLY not fun to read. And since I care about you guys, I could never put you through that.

    I do want to say that, regardless of my apparent pessimism, I really am pumped for this training adventure even though it is likely that I won’t stick to it completely because I’ve already skipped two runs… in the first week.

   But whatever because the whole point of this is to run for myself and do my own thing, so if I want to put off my runs until 11:00pm, I will! If I want to stop during a run and get some ice cream from Custard Corner, you better believe I will. Because this is America.

Happy two days after National Running Day, y’all.



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