Monday, September 2, 2013

Back For Good.

Please forgive my absence  

    So at first glance you might find some changes have been made to my LLLL page. First of all, there’s a new, more sophisticated look that is slightly less bubbly and bright and more subdued and grey—just like my personality! The second big change is that there is actually a new post here! WOW!

   The truth is, this past year I’ve had some really great things happen in my life: I finished my freshman year of college; I had my first paying job that wasn’t mowing lawns or taking care of peoples cats, dogs, or dragons; I went to New York City with two very good friends for a spontaneous adventure; and I finally read the Mindy Kaling book. All wonderful things; all perfectly functional as good writing material.  However, the one thing I couldn’t get myself to do was write. Just write.

   All I know is that I would have amazing ideas for a split second, but like sands of the hourglass, these ideas would slip out of my brain one speck at a time until there was nothing left.

   But today I was enlightened while sitting in my theater history class and reading an article by Austin Kleon, who was justifying “stealing like an artist”. Essentially, Kleon was talking about how important it is to realize that it’s ok to pull your inspiration from everywhere in the world and to constantly allow yourself to get inspired by people, books, music, magazines, or even something just observed in passing. After reading, we discussed. I brought up a point in the article that emphasized how important it is to have side projects or just hobbies that allow you to be creative and expressive, even if there is no true meaning to it—as long as it feeds the need to create! 

   I realized at that point that I’d started thinking too hard about my blog writing. I had started over-analyzing my topics that I chose, or how my audience would respond. I had forgotten that the whole reason I ever started this blog was that two years ago, when I was trying to anonymously write about my boy troubles, I ended up enjoying having a voice on the fun-filled internet. I then immediately deleted the boy post (#embarassing) and just started writing about things that made me happy and inspired me to share my opinions with the world. But the point is not to create something for the public, because if we spent time doing that we would never create something that made us—the artist—truly happy.

   That all being said, I have decided that once a week, I will write for myself. What I write for myself I will then transfer to this blog so that people can see my writing. Some readers may hate it. Some readers (my grandma) may love it. Some readers are lonely Serbian men who have gone so deep into the Internet, out of boredom, that they found my little speck of a blog and decided to see who the blonde girl was. But I don’t care, because all I want to do is make and share. The opinions of anyone, other than myself, have no true affect on me.

   My goal is to have a new post out by either Monday or Tuesday of each week, so if you dare to continue following, come back to LLLL on those days.

   And with that I’m going to do something kind of tacky, but nonetheless warranted. 

   Here is one of my favorite quotes, by a man who’s lack of caring what people thought, and openness to being inspired by ANYTHING, led to him being one hell of an artist and one who is equally a legend, a celebrated art figure, and a controversial public figure:

“ You have to be willing to get happy about nothing.”
Andy Warhol

   See you next week.


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