Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Lana and me.
I think there is always a benefit to constantly making small, positive changes in your life. In fact, smaller changes always tend to make the greater, more magnificent difference in the long run. And I definitely realize how clichĂ© that sounds because Self magazine has probably published like 143 articles about it, but it is entirely too true. Think about it: usually when I try to give up sugar for a week, just as a cleansing technique, I announce my plan only to immediately thereafter head to Starbucks and get a Pumpkin Spice Latte (but its got skim milk in it!) and its adjoining pastry treat (which was made factory-style, then packaged tightly and driven halfway across the country… just for me!). So the moral of that story is, grand statements to make intense changes are bad ideas.

Nevertheless, smaller attempts to make myself better are always a fantastic idea. Here are some things I think I need to work on:

Less Us Weekly, more NPR. It sounds so sad and infinitely embarrassing to say, but I really need to stop making this trashy celebrity-news site a daily Internet stop for me. My computer has down as one of my most visited sites, which is simply dreadful. I haven’t a clue why I want to read about Laura Dern’s divorce or if Helen Mirren or Dame Judi Dench wore an outfit better than the other--the information is not imperative to my life. But in spite of that, I read. Us Weekly magazine is like the Frappuccino of reading: Its just sugary, stupid junk that I’m normally too embarrassed to buy in public, but would enjoy in the privacy of some place secluded such as the back of the library or in the isolation of my room. A good way to cut down on my Us Weekly is by remembering every time I’m about to type in “Us Weekly” to my search bar (who am I kidding, my computer always fills it in for me) that I should instead type in NPR and try to culture myself in an intellectual way. I can even look at the arts, music, and culture on NPR's site; because nothing will fill the void of me wanting to see “Miley Cyrus’ wildest moments yet!” like listening to an interview with some uber generic indie/folk band called The Crunchy Leaves.

Stop fretting over dieting and body issues.  Okay, okay I realize that this is a little more than a “small change”, but the entire idea behind this is that, yes, there’s always ways that one can eat better. For me it’s not about over-all changing my diet, because the other day I read something about “Why white rice is so bad for us” and was appalled. So that’s definitely not going to happen. I just need to probably not have more than 1 cappuccino a day. But in all seriousness, why do I even agonize over my body? Seriously?? I’m not overweight, I exercise daily, and I’m healthy. So really I should just stop fussing about the fact that yes, I wear like a size 8 or 10 pant at American Eagle. (YES I STILL BUY JEANS AT AMERICAN EAGLE AND I DON’T CARE). But that’s just because somehow my extreme white-girl-ness was gifted the intra African/Latin-American booty of J. Lo and BeyoncĂ©.  What can I say? I’m blessed.

I need to get excited about homework. I know that the latter sentence could be a heavy contender for being one of the worst sentences of all time, but I’ll explain: I’m just now starting to get hot and heavy with the classes in my major. Yeah, it’s a wild life. But anyway, from years and years of hating homework with a majestically intense passion, I obviously have found it rather difficult to force myself to sit down and actually just do homework. These days, however, my homework includes reading about theatre history, or planning my PR for my Arts Administration lab. So, actually, I’m enjoying what I’m learning. It’s really just the process of getting myself to physically sit down, stop watching Bo Burnham’s vines, and just get my shit done. Plus I live with three people studying sciences (pre-med, bio, chem, neuroscience) so I should really just be thankful that I don’t have to do organic chemistry. Oh lawd, am I thankful.

I need to have a nicer-looking resting face. This is going to take some practice. You know how there are some people who really have terrifying resting faces? Like, their face just says, “I have a black heart.” Yeah, I feel like that’s what mine says, at least in passing. Also I’ve been told by people, both new acquaintances as well as dearly close friends, that my facial expressions and first impressions can come off a little intense. I mean, I’m intense, but not like in an overly bitchy way. More so like… an overwhelmingly weird way. My best friend in the world was terrified of me at first but has come to realize that actually I was the humble oddball that needed a friend, and she’s the frighteningly beautiful human that accepted the challenge of befriending me (shout out to Alanah).  So basically, I’m just going to try to be more approachable. Does this task include pretending I care about school sports and wearing less intense eye makeup? I hope not.

And lastly...

I need to come up with better blog topics.



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