Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I'm a fashion-diva, always have been.

I was aimlessly scrolling on the dreaded time-waster, Pinterest, the other day when I came upon this quote:
“Playing dress-up starts at age five and never truly ends.” 
–Kate Spade

First of all, quotes like that are way overused and as bad as other gems like “live, laugh, love” and anything “said” by Marilyn Monroe.

But after I read it, I began to think of my eventful evolution of style. Frankly, I’ve been a rather strange dresser for most of my life. In fact, compared to ensembles I threw together in my grade school years, I’d say now I tend to look far more put together and sane than I did at any other point in my life. No matter how many times my supportive friends say, “Wow. Only you could pull off something like that,” Or “That’s totally something you would wear, Like, I couldn’t (wouldn’t) but you totally can.”

I guess I’ve kind of always looked at clothes as the way to make life simply more enjoyable. For starters there were many times, in my childhood, that I would come down before a family outing dressed in a green and white tutu dress and berry colored stockings. Other times, I didn’t understand why my mother wouldn’t let me play outside in her old gunnysack prom dresses. They were so rustic and prairie-esque… it seemed to me like the ideal clothing for hardcore playtime!

If you look in my closet these days, you will find eclectic, but charming pieces, as well as some lovely LBD’s that would make any staff member at Lucky magazine gleam with delight. That is so long as they didn’t look at the labels.

HEY! H&M is cool! Even if it is for poor people! So is forever 21, but don’t buy the jewelry because half of the piece will be missing by the time you arrive home. Target is okay, but I’m like a size 20 there, which is a hyperbole, but an exceptionally necessary one. And I’ve done the vintage/ thrift-shopping thing before but my luck is never quite as great as Macklemore promised it would be.

And that being said, some of the vintage style items in my closet are truly preposterous, but also certain to be worn by me in the near future: an old Chinese-style blouse (this is not the proper name for this item of clothing, I am 94% sure); a vintage, sparkly go-go dress that my uncle, yes my uncle, used to wear whenever he damn well pleased; and last but not least: Jeanie pants. Yes, good ol’ Jasmine-style Jeanie pants. No, not the faux pass ones that you can get at H&M that somehow still make your hips look slim. Real, baggy, Jeanie pants from a genuine hippie-clothing store—complete with its obligatory moody, feminist storeowner.

I do really prefer not to label my style, though. I know, I know, typical hipster cop-out. But seriously, I can’t. I’ve always pulled inspiration from all sorts of sources ranging from the likes of Lizzy McGuire, Cruella Deville, and Phoebe Buffay from Friends all the way to Jemima Kirke, the little girl in Moonrise Kingdom, and Carrie Bradshaw (like whenever she went somewhere and wore a fur coat, but it wasn’t necessarily fit for the event— i.e. baseball games and on the subway at 2 am).

So anyway, I will conclude in saying that yes maybe dress-up never really “ended” for me. Instead I may have evolved into someone who dresses just the way I want to, which has been called eccentric, “not my taste”, and costume-y—all positives in my opinion! But I guess all that really matters is that I do abide by my personal dressing and styling preferences and don’t care at all how silly other people may think it looks…

… Because they’re the ones wearing boat shoes.


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