Monday, October 7, 2013

Cop-out Haiku

A long, busy week.
I wished to blog on this day.
Please come back later.
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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Everything I need to know about life, I’m learning from "New Girl"

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I’ve been watching a lot of New Girl lately. And by that I mean, a fortnight ago, when season two came up on Netflix, I watched them all in about three days and since then have been sporadically watching episodes of season one and two, just because I love it that much. I know it’s a sitcom, but sometimes it’s just so weird and ridiculous that it’s slightly more realistic, or maybe relatable, than most sitcoms we see these days. So lets just jump right in. 

Schmidt is the prime example of the superb and goofy platonic friend. He just brightens my life, that Schmidt. So Jewish. So douchy. So perfect. We all need this person in our lives that we can love despite the amount of times we want to hit them every time they say something. Several people come to mind in my real life, when I think of my “Schmidt” friend. For instance one of my best friends, whom we shall call John because that is his name, has several quotes that are supremely “Schmidt”-esque. An instance (and my personal favorite) occurred one morning when he, my other best friend Melissa, and I were about to make a glorious breakfast at my house. The interchange went like this.

Me: “All right John, we’re making fruit salad, pancakes and bacon. Which one do you want to do?”

John: “I can cook the bacon, because all men have an innate ability to cook breakfast food.”

If there had been a douche-bag jar, he would have owed it at least $5.00 easily.

Guys don’t like ditzy girls, but always appreciate the ‘adorkable’ goofball who can always be her honest self, and also a good friend.  Obviously I’m referring to Jess in this example. But the character of Jess has really taught me a lot about walking that fine line of being a good sport and super easy-going, but also having boundaries when it comes to living with three guys. Sure she’ll play fun and cumbersome drinking games like True American with the guys, but she doesn’t stop being whimsical and girly and won’t ditch out on her BFF, Cece. Sometimes I find myself in situations where I’m hanging out with just guys. In these times, I can always talk about specific things that I enjoy along with them (i.e. Lord of the Rings and Star Wars), and even be open with them about other guys and personal problems and blah, blah, blah. However, when they turn on a sports game I’m not going to pretend that I care because I would 100% much rather go home and catch up on my Pinteresting (which is a verb, I promise).

Diversity is key in life. Nicks a grumpy, college drop out who works at a bar. Schmidt is a cocky Jew (lol) that seems to be the most financially successful. Winston is black… and a former pro-basketball player. Cece is exotic and an intensely striking model of Indian heritage.
And Jess is from Portland, Oregon.
If that isn’t a well thought-out cast of characters then I don’t know what is.

Sometimes the one you belong with has been around the whole time. It took so long for Jessica Day and Nick Miller to finally get together. Jess was always dating total hotties that were, in my opinion, not quite human enough for her. Meanwhile Nick just dates all of the worst women ever: Julia the lawyer, Caroline the manly-looking ex, and freaking Angie the dumber-than-a-brick stripper (sidenote: the fact that Angie is a stripper has nothing to do with her competence; it is merely a coincidence). Ughh! They’re all awful. Jess is his best by a million. When they finally kissed, it was just magic. In the first episode of season 3, Jess and Nick fled to Mexico to be “all in”. I’m not going to lie I was definitely skeptical and slightly frightened for the future of the new season. I was wondering if it was a dream sequence. I found myself waiting for Nick to take out his copy of Dante’s Inferno. Yes, yes that’s a Mad Men reference to its season 6 premiere. BAM I’M SUCH A TELEVISION DIVA. But I’m also digressing.

Basically what Jess and Nick’s inevitable romance has shown me is this: since I started here at CNU, I’ve made almost daily trips to the campus coffee shop to re-fill on java. In this period of two and a half semesters, a very cute, soft -spoken, upperclassmen male has many times been the person who made my coffee. Always with a smile on his face, he takes my order, kindly asks, “will that be on your dining dollars or captains cash”, and makes me a perfect cup of coffee. So who are we kidding, coffee guy?? Lets end this madness! Run away to Mexico with me where we can live on the beach and eventually be eaten by land sharks, all in the name of LOVE!!

But if not, I’m very okay with you just being very adorable when you hand me my grande coconut coffee everyday.

But you know… think about it.


Well there you have it!
I always say you should write about what you know. Well I watch entirely too much television because I love it and I can. So every time I can make comparisons of the wonderful world of sitcom to real life, you better be damn sure I will.

Until next week,