Saturday, January 18, 2014

20 things to do in my 20's

My 20th birthday is this coming Wednesday.
So long and farewell to my teens. 
It feels super weird in that I feel like I’ve not been a teenager for a long time, but now I officially won’t have to use the word “teen” when I tell someone how old I am. Yeehaw.
Recently there have been many blogs pertaining to 20-somethings and what they should do before they get married. I was thinking the other day about those blog posts and while I think its cool that these 20-something women want to inspire other young women to live their twenties open-mindedly and freely, I think that its important to remember something quite simple: everyone is different.
Some people are really good with the fact that they got married early and have children. They want that and they’re happy that way. Some want to travel the world, and be a hermit because they know that’s how they will find their bliss. Some want to drive straight through school into a successful career and then decide to adopt kids when they’re 45 because that is what will bring them joy. Somebody may do a combination of those things and find complete and total delight in that.
So I don’t want to make a list of clichéd things that I think all people should achieve at some point in their twenties. I’m going to make a list of the clichéd things that I want to do in my twenties… things that I’m certain can bring me happiness, bliss, joy, delight and any other synonym of those words!

1.     Live in a big city in the U.S.—Either The Big Apple, Manhattan, The City that never Sleeps, or Chelsea… Am I being too specific?
2.     *PLOT TWIST* Live in a city in Europe—Not yet specified.
3.     Date someone long term—because there’s a first time for everything.
4.     See at least 10 of my favorite bands/musicians live—I mean you Vampire Weekend/ David Bowie.
5.     Be in a band (or two or three)—I’m thinking a ukulele quartet who only covers Eminem songs.
6.     Run a marathon—Maybe.
7.     See plays at famous theaters in London—It’s cool because I’m actually going to do that this summer.
8.     Have picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower—Not the one in Las Vegas, just for clarity.
9.     Actually use my major (Arts Administration)—Because my major is really f**king cool.
10. Meet someone famous—Think Hillary Clinton, Lena Dunham, Tina Fey, or someone who is equally famous thanks to the Internet.
11. Take up travel photography and post my photos on a blog—This will sadly require lots of traveling and owning of cool cameras. Woe is me. 
12. Stay up all night in Barcelona, pretending like I’m in a Woody Allen movie, and watch the sunrise while sipping wine—Please keep reading the rest, I’ll try not to get more annoying than this. No promises though.
13. Go to Tokyo—Every since Lost in Translation I’ve wanted to. Also, I’ve broken my promise.
14. Take my parents on an amazing trip—Because they did this for me all throughout my childhood. Because they’re the bee’s knees.
15. Be in a community theater play—Being on stage will always be something I’m passionate about. And I’d rather be in plays with a bunch of goons than people who make me look bad.
It’s a joke!! Chill….
16. Learn to play the banjo—I’m just trying to be like my spirit mother, Dolly Parton.
17. Master the art of making macaroons—Because they are delicious. And also expensive to buy in a shop.
18. Get some of my writing published—Because I want more people to roll their eyes at my writing other than my family and friends.
19. Go to a plethora of music festivals—Many different kinds of music festivals too. I lookin’ at you Merlefest and TomorrowWorld.
20. Eventually be able to keep a blog consistently and for a long time—Because this is my first post in almost two months.

And there’s that. I’m going to go do my homework now.